Monday, 18 May 2009

some photos from the plot at last...

A lot of activity on the plot these last few weeks. I finally remembered to use my phone to take some pictures. It's a fairly dated Nokia model so these won't be super hi-res but they give some idea of what stage we are at anyway.

Here are the beans - French beans and runner beans (haven't grown very much yet as only put in as seedlings a week or so ago), with broad bean plants in the background (doing very well!):

And, perhaps more excitingly, a slow-worm that was hiding under a file of weeds (mainly nettles) that I dug up a couple of weeks ago when preparing the bed for the (as yet un-transplanted) squash and sweetcorn plants that I've been growing at home. My wife was very excited by this one.

Slow-worms look a lot like snakes but are actually legless lizards. I left some of the decomposing material in place so he/she could crawl under it; I'm going back to the plot today to put the squash in so I'll have to be careful if he/she is still there.

I'll try to take some squash/sweetcorn pictures soon after they've grown a bit.